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ok so I have this friend and she used to make fun of me for listening to this band but now it's her entire fucking personality. she just bought cd's and a tapestry which is good for her but it annoys me that she likes the band sm after she used to shit on me for liking it. she likes all the music I like now and it pisses me off for some reason. idk what to do cuz everything abt her annoys me now and I can never seem to be happy for her. it's different with my other friends and I can vibe with them abt shared interests. idk maybe it's cuz she boasts abt her "superior" music taste and acts like she's sm better than everyone else for listening to a specific type of music. which I don't understand at all, like just let ppl listen to what they want. also she calls me a poser even tho I barely talk to her abt the music I like anymore. like pls stfu. ik I sound like a hater and honestly I might be when it comes to her. 

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