Something spooky in the works!!

BOY HOWDY!! I'm beyond excited for what the future has in store, My friends and I have started a Hunted Attraction here in Tennessee! Its finally starting to take shape after long hot days, blood, sweat, tears, and uncertainties we can see results. I hope this can be the project that all of us needed and can be something we are all proud of. Anyways, The attraction is "Halloween Hollow" in Silver Point Tn, and we just received our acceptance for electric. Big things are in the works and I know this is gonna be something people wont want to miss for many many years! 

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Nice! Hope its spooky, maybe not pants pissing spooky though lol

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Thank you so much!! We are aiming for a "fun for everyone" type environment but there may be some more extreme sets/attractions.

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