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happy dance

Today is a better day i would have to say i know its still early but i have a feeling its going to be good to be honest.. My morning is much better i have to say i get to talk to a certian someone that i missed so much and now he back yay happy dance.. Feels good to talk again been way to long for me not to hear from him but im glad i get to now yay yay yay.. Its funny to say that but in a good way i would have to say because all those feelings come back to me and its like butterflies all over again even though they never left for me and im glad they didnt leave me either im glad he still likes me and cares about me its hard when you dont get to talk to that special someone and you just want them in your arms for them to stay there forever and ever.. It was like everytime i got a chance to talk to him it was like a kid in candy shop waiting to hear him and touch him even though i havent yet but i do in my dreams though.... 

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