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Some Emo/Scene Online Stores

I just spent like, prolly around an hour looking up more emo/scene online stores cuz I need more clothes :'D But here r the stores that I found, just n case anyone needs any!

Invader Scene:
Opening back up in March 2023

Punx n Kisses
Pretty cute emo/alt clothes
Kinda expensive, but not the worst
Has few options rn, and things go sold out sorta quickly

Silent Scream Clothing
Definitely one of the best stores I found X3
A little expensive, but not SUPER bad
Predominantly scene clothing, but also has some rlly nice emo stuff
Good color options

Emily The Strange 
Cute emo/goth/alt clothes
Not super expensive
MANY options

Banned Alternative
Also not really expensive
Good emo/goth clothes
Pants definitely tend to be (at least a lil) more expensive than the tops

- Innocent Clothing
Making an account is required to be able to browse the store

- Abbey Dawn
VERY limited options
Pretty expensive imo

- ACDC Rag
Good scene/harajuku options
Not all that expensive
Only a few options that are more "emo"

-Punk'd Image
Another super good store imo :D
Pretty affordable
Decent amount of options
Both scene n emo clothes

And that's all I could rlly find ^^

I'll def keep updating this as I find more shops >_0

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diz is soo helpful TY XD!!

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Ofc!1! >_0

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