"Tiling Floors....."

Yeah, I will probably now do the floor in one of The Bathrooms later in a few days then the other one in a few days; Same Tile Pattern. 

I am also gonna do Mom & Dad's Room Floor too soon. I like Flooring. But I didn't always like it, heh.

 That's actually the kind of Work that usually instantly makes Assholes & Bitches that already DON'T like You (maybe it's Your Appearance, Race, etc.) suddenly Start Talking To You Like You're Suddenly Valuable To Them, heh...no kidding.


I've actually seen it happen a lot. Calmed me down too as I started noticing how The World Finally Regarded Me More Seriously...More Respectfully.


Before I learned some Trades, I was *very* fucking Angry. Yeah...



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