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Ok so like i said urban legend shit....starting with slender

Slenderman: Ok, lets face it. Almost every single American has heard of slender dont deny it, we all know of him for one reason or another and tbh im only doing this bc y’know i can and bc i’ve heard some interesting theories that a few people haven't so let's get into it. Slenderman is as we all know, a very tall faceless tree, well pretty much. He’s often described as tall, height varies depending on who you ask but mostly ranges between 8-14 feet tall, pale and when i say pale i mean white, faceless, tentaclely (Yes that's a word now) and is usually wearing a suit and tie. He is said to stalk, scare and traumatize people however he specifically targets children and in most pictures of him that you find he is almost always with a child, he has supernatural powers…or at least that what ima call them, he can teleport, speak telepathically which makes sense considering he doesn't have a mouth, and tends to seriously glitch technology however i dont consider the last one a power bc the reason they glitch like is cuz his bodys filled with radiation which causes the tech to melt from the inside out. The radiation in his body also happens to be the thing that causes the “Slender sickness” Being exposed to a certain amount of radiation for a certain amount of time is horrible for the human body so his victims or proxys ig often get sick from it. While his character was first introduced to the world in 2009 many people have speculated that slender has been around since the beginning of time itself and has adapted to our strange customs while watching over us as human….i actually ran into an interesting theory a while back that makes quite a bit of sense to me…So for all my christian people out there or satanists we know that there are seven fallen angels one of them named Beelzebub i personally am a atheist so dont come after me if i got this wrong but anyways people have said that slender is in fact beelzebub and has been with us humans since well….forever. He is said to be very lonely as he is feared by humans and cant interact with us because well y’know radiation but anywayssss we getting off track and im just rambling bout things that arent interesting lol so uhhh yeah might add more to this later.

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Cool theory now i need to find out who tf beelzebub is lol

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thx lol

And I'd explain it better but I'm a atheist and dont feel like going through the bible soooo

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thats fair im also an atheist lol. my family has a bible but they mainly use it to remind themselves why they arent christians.

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nice lol

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That’s cool!

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awww thank you :]

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Temp :) <3

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idek man im bored ok

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