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Self Destructive

I quit a job I've been at for over a year. Good pay, close to home and we'd just spoke about going part-time and getting some management training. After an awful, hectic, stressful shift with the absolute worst customers and abusive coworkers at my other job I decided on the spot I can't do it anymore, I'm done working hospo. So I quit 24 hours before the next shift at the stable job - it wasn't good either, just familiar. I started looking for something else just quick and easy to quit the bad job and so I started another barista job. 

The problem is, the hours clash but I don't get enough to quit, I'm not even sure if I like it, I feel like I'm leading the owners on, too afraid to say anything but want to quit because I hate hospitality now, or maybe I just need a good long break. I hate myself for getting another job - back to 4 now - when it's not what I want to do so then I have no time for what I actually want to do. No time to apply for jobs I want or work on a portfolio or go to interviews or look at apartments to move out because I'm always working or sleeping. I hate it. I'm so miserable and I want to pack up and travel for a bit but I don't have a passport and it's such a hassle to apply and I won't get it in time for the Europe trip I want to do. 

Some days I start working at 7am and don't get home until 11pm. I basically stopped eating breakfast and lunch then have to force myself to make something for dinner. I have to stay up late to get my washing done. Have to put all my schedules in my calendar and then tell different jobs my availability. This morning I waited outside in the freezing cold for 20mins because my manager was late and didn't have my number. I cleaned the outside of the building with some windex and paper towel. Was told about useless info like make sure all the chairs and tables are lined up and I'm like... yeah I know, are they not straight enough for you? He's like they are I'm just telling you, and remember to put more serviettes in the cutlery baskets on the table bla bla bla like yes I already did a walk around, everything is perfect. I feel like the managers are just on a power trip and I'm not here for it. They told me to throw out my perfectly good mocha because it didn't look good enough and I said it's foam, it's meant to be foamy on top. Nope, they remade it with flat steamed milk and latte art, okay. 

I can't keep doing this. But I feel like is it the job or is it me? And should I risk quitting everything while I figure out what to do?  

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