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What the fuck America

Roe V Wade has been overturned and I must say I am absolutely mortified for all American women. "exceptions will be every state's choice", that means states like Oklahoma and Texas can and probably will have "no exceptions", which means a 10 year old r@ped by her father/another family member will be forced to give birth, and those states can also ban abortions for ectonic pregnencies (out of womb pregnency) which can kill both the mother and the fetus. some states did that with no exceptions for minors, rape and incest. I am beyond disgusted, a lump of cells has more rights than an American woman. hell, even a gun has more rights than an American woman. "home of the free" my fucking ass! I live in the Middle East and even women here can have abortions ,although they do have to get varified through some orgenizations, and for some context ,gay people can't marry or adopt here, up until 1980 you could get jail time for being gay here. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

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My thoughts exactly!

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