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gender crisis era!!11!1

YEAH U READ THE TITLE RIGHT. i am in a terrible terrible gender crisis rn.. basically i started to acknowledge it ever since i saw Gerard Way. I then realized that not only did i have a celeb crush on him but i also wanted to be him. i wanted his fun personality and looks. He was so feminme yet so masculine to me. but before I go in more i just wanna say that gerard way didnt mess up my brain or anything, because ive had this "issue" far before I learned about him. Anyway, as time went on the gender envy of gerard got stronger and eventually i decided to make an effort to present as masculine for a change and for a peace of mind. i ended up actually liking it and decided to take a few masculine picture every few weeks. Ive come to the conclusion that i no doubt have gender identity problems and i may be considering formally coming out as bigender. obvoiysky my life would change a lot if i came out so im still working it out. thanks for listening, Vee. <3

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Are you actually bigender or are you simply a tomboy? I'm not asking this to be mean or troll. I feel like we're living in a very sexist age as I notice a lot of people keep pushing the idea "If you want to be like the other gender then you are that gender" There's nothing wrong with a guy being girly or a girl being boyish, you're allowed to like whatever aesthetic you like without having a gender label forced on you. I've had people before try to force me into thinking I'm a guy or something else because "You're not a girl if you like this manly things" then of course at a young age I had people try to force me to not like manly things cause "You're a girl"

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im no tomboy i just genuinely feel like i should've been a boy sometimes. its kinda hard to explain but yea

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