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-- T E L L  US  A B O U T  Y O U R S E L F --

name:: querube

nickname:: queru¿¿ idk

how old are you:: 15

zodiac sign:: libra

current location:: mex

eye color:: black

hair color:: brown/black

hair type:: grown out wolf cut

hieght:: 1.69

your heritage:: Panamanian

your weakness:: jungwoo

goal you would like to achieve this year:: not repeat school year

first thought when you wake up:: why im still here

best physical feature::  noise

when is your bedtime:: idk arnd 1am?

your most cherished memory:: spain, talking everyday with him 

pepsi or coke:: zero coke

single or group dates:: both

what is the last song you sang:: fingertip - gfriend

do you drink:: sometimes 

ever been drunk:: couple of timez yeah

do you smoke:: ye

do you "SMOKE":: nope

do you sing:: constantly

what color underwear do you have on:: blue

do you want to go to college:: no 

have you ever been in love:: ye

do you want to get married:: no

do you believe in yourself:: no

do you believe in others:: emm

do you like thunderstorms:: YEAHH

do you play an instrument:: I used to play violin

what do you want to be when you grow up:: if im not dead I think therapist

what country would you like to visit:: madrid, Paris, japan

how many CD's do you own:: 1

how many DVD's do you own::0

how many tattoo's do you have::0 

how many piercings do yo have:: 2

 -- F A V O R I T E S --

shoes:: black old asf converse


car:: mini cooper

place:: madrid

song:: fingertip - gfriend, apple - friend and navillera - gfriend

movie:: grown ups

moment:: partiying

color:: black, green and pink

 -- B E D  S I D E  M A N O R --

do you think you are attractive:: no

are you attracted to someone who does not know it:: idk

would you like to be someones fantasy:: YASS PLEASE 

hunter or hunted:: both

do you kiss with your eyes closed or open:: CLOSED WTF

a little or a lot of tongue:: idk

older or younger:: same age or older

lights on/lights off or candle light:: lights off 

do you like to cuddle after:: YEZ

do you like to cuddle in general:: YEEEEZ

 -- R I G H T  N O W --

what is todays date:: july 11, 2022

what time is it:: 21:31

what are you thinking of:: tongue kisses??, ASK MATEO

what are you listening to:: nothing but the last song i hear was fingertip of gfriend

do you love someone:: my cousin

does someone love you:: I dont think so

is it raining:: no

how many spacehey friends do you have:: 26

are you happy:: no

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