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i did an egregious act of capitalism today

i am quite apprehensive of corporate capitalism. however, i am but a man and still merely a cog in the machine. i work in a large hardware store which of course has its own credit card. also of course, the bean counters wants people to push for that shit. i promised myself i would never offer a customer such a card since i really hate that whole system. however, today, i was helping a gentleman out and he asked if signing up for cards is a benefit to individual employees. i of course say yes, as they are, and so he asks to sign up for one.

now, i count this as fine because i did not sell him the card, he came to me for it. anyway, after a long while of him trying to log into his email cos he just got a new phone, he went on his merry way with a swanky new piece of bullshit plastic... jk, the card won't get to him for another week or something.

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