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What the fuck even happened today

Today seems like a really big important day because of the big fat fucking hole through Roe v wade. The shit that happens in this country occurs so often that every single bad news story that comes my way isn't even shocking, it's expected. At some point it just gets tiring, and the words you wanna say are already being said verbatim by another person, it begins to feel pointless. So, yeah, today is a big day because of the news we were all expecting which validated once again the truth of the nature of this proud fucking country. 

I woke up, went to the lab around 2, checked my phone around 4, and saw the news that abortions laws are now up to the states. And I went back to work. And then I went to my apartment, got super high, took two shots, and sat down at my laptop to write a little bit on this little blog of mines. 
Was today a good day? 
For many people, no. But for me, it was also no, but for a reason other than politics. I guess my day could've been worse. 
I live in California, so I'll be fine. It's the people who don't live in california that I'm worried about. Employers are giving their employees free passes to get abortions, but what about the women who don't have jobs? Or the women who don't have jobs at top 50 companies? 
My day could've been worse. 

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