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hii everyone!! so sorry if i was inactive for like two months, i kinda forgot about this site lmao.

so like, the performance was good! I had some fun and i met a lovely girl named Sofia. Hope i'll talk to her a bit more when i get back to school.
My trip to ireland is just 17 days away!! im so excited for this. I also got covid but now i tested and im negative so im good lmao. Right now im in my summer house, i think tomorrow i'll go to the beach after two weeks OwO.

I also got promoted for my school and now that i start my third year i will not do latin anymore!! Yay!! I swear i will never understand why italian students have to learn latin lmao

also my sister is coming from north italy to stay two weeks with my family!!! i missed her a lot since i saw her during christmas, i will see her six days after she comes home because i'll be in ireland the day she comes. 

i dont think i will bring my computer with me, so i dont think i will live update. i will upload an entry some days before though!

hope you all are having a good summer :) have a nice day!!

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