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SpaceHey: A Month's Reflection on the "Social" in Social Media

This weekend's blog post is going to be a quick one.

I suppose that I'll begin with my thoughts on what this site will eventually become. Do I think it will supersede Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other toxic for-profit engines of social capitalism? No, but also yes. Then, I'll transition to why I eventually decided to become a SpaceHey supporter.

As you may already know, the ye olde giant social network has endured some lil' speed bumps this week. 

Plus, this ain't lookin' too good for the ye olde book of faces either, but I feel like deep down, we knew all of that was going on.

All of that into consideration, I feel like this site is going to eventually grow, in retaliation to a whole host of things (even more than I just mentioned above) than just plain out nostalgia. I think that some people are going to be tired of having their data mined for ad content, and that if they don't hear about SpaceHey from us, those people are going to find it eventually somehow.

Now, because Facebook/Instagram is so intertwined and leeched into other larger businesses, the ubiquity of it all will keep it alive (at least for a while). It'll take a whole movement to bring that down, and it'll take more than just us. Maybe all of the inner corruption and scandals of the larger social networks will destroy themselves, but then again, maybe not.

Even if that hydra never goes away, the Internet is expansive enough to where even this lil' island is enough of a respite. 

I haven't deleted any of my other accounts yet, and I'm still hesitant to do so, since the vast majority of my friends and family use those sites. What I have done, is use them sparingly. Just at least once every few days, or even two-ish weeks, I'll check in there.

I am truly getting to the point where I use SpaceHey more often, not only because it reminds me of the olden days of the internet that I do royally miss, but it's utilized in part by users like you. The vast majority of my interactions on here have been positive, if not enlightening, and I do love the option of being able to personalize my profile (or "my space"...get it? Get it? Ok, I'll see myself out). 

I want to do what I can to keep this site alive, and to help An and the gang avoid having to go out and monetize in a similar fashion as the larger networks. From what I've read of his posts, I don't think we have to worry too much about a sellout factor from An. Plus, he quickly came through when I needed help with a particular bug. Then again, you never truly know. Thus, all of these things are why I chose to become a Supporter, not just for the kewl stickerz and the profile badge. Although they are very, VERY kewl. 

I'm not sure how I feel about a SpaceHey app though, tbh. 

Any thoughts? Leave a comment! <3.

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LiveEye57's profile picture

I barely use FB at all aside from browsing Marketplace mostly; I rarely post anything, though there are a bunch of people I've friended who I don't want to lose connection with. I missed out on MySpace (was in elementary school while it was popular; by the time I reached middle school FB was on the rise). So having social media without constant ads, without data mining, endless disinformation and general awfulness and the ability to go at your own pace is something I can definitely get behind.

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Agreed. All of those reasons and more are why I'm so glad this site is here, not solely as a nostalgia act for the Millennials, but a place of respite and even rejuvenation for the Gen Z-ers who are sick of modern social media.

by blairVVitch; ; Report


♡☠Carly☠♡'s profile picture

Hey! I just wanted to say that I am with you on this totally. I have deleted all of my social media apps from my phone and am seriously considering downgrading to a basic phone. I hate this generation and IG, FB etc. I was always super young when Myspace was at its height, but I remember watching my brother and his friends using it and thinking it was sooo cool. Which it was. So now making and designing a page here and using all of the features are great! I have met some nice people and I hope I can convince my friends to make the switch.

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AWESOME! 🖤 I've been staying off of my phone and all of the algorithm-based networks for the most part, and it's been highly therapeutic for my social and emotional well-being.

I'm so glad this site exists, especially so that you and the younger crowd get to actually experience what MySpace was like before it all went downhill. (I felt it coming in the air when 2.0 dropped and then Justin Timberlake's acquisition didn't help out at all.)

by blairVVitch; ; Report


Nutrigrain's profile picture

Oh yeah. The revolution starts with each one of us if people are going to leave the more problematic spaces of the internet. I made a YouTube video trying to get people to come over, it's worked for a few people at least, which is rad!

I did have to get used to the "old ways" of doing things again, though, lol. But it's a nice feeling.

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OMG, THAT'S AWESOME! Same thing here, but I think I've finally acclimated. I've been logging on here more often than I have on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram recently!

by blairVVitch; ; Report

Awesome, yeah, I'm getting used to it. Big part was just not checking the newsfeed. I still answer messages if someone wants something on there, but I tell them not to expect me to life or comment on their posts otherwise because I'm over here now.

by Nutrigrain; ; Report

▐ ɑτκιᴎԍᵀᴹ ▌

▐ ɑτκιᴎԍᵀᴹ ▌'s profile picture

Well, a SpaceHey app certainly would be a game changer, especially considering half of the internet's traffic comes from phones nowadays.

There does seem to be a general population of newer age (stereotypical Gen Z'ers) users who don't seem to notice its nostalgia factor. I think SH got promoted on TikTok a while back, so that might be why.

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Ok, a TikTok ad could definitely explain why there's a large flock of Gen Z'ers on here! I completely understand why An and the gang would make one, and I feel like any app heavy users would totally gravitate towards that instead. As for me, I think I'm going to just use the computer version and call it a millennium!

by blairVVitch; ; Report


Xtine 's profile picture

Right on to all you said. Maybe An should make some Tshirts, Sweats, Shorts, Hoodies etc so he can get more income.

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OMG, I LOVE THIS. Yes to all of the merch. I wouldn't hesitate to throw An my credit card for a SpaceHey t-shirt and hoodie!!!

by blairVVitch; ; Report


YRBMUSBOR's profile picture

I’ve read this a few times and have been thinking about this post for the last couple days. I’ll just say that I really don’t have anything to add but I completely agree with how you feel. The moment I saw this website it was like being reunited with a long lost love. It literally made me smile for days. The same day I signed up I bought the stickers without even seeing them because nostalgia instantly took over. I don’t even care for stickers or have anything I’d like to put stickers on lol. They’ll probably just sit on my desk forever. But I’m totally into what’s going on here and I love it. As for the app, I’d prefer there wasn’t one because the thrill of MySpace back in the day was to find a computer at home or a friends house and see what notifications you had. Signing in to see new comments, friend requests, etc was so exciting. I think keeping it old school is best in most aspects. That’s my two cents.

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EXACTLY!!! I truly have no idea where I'm going to put the stickers, but I'm down for them and the premise of this site. And yeah, even if one that's compatible with iOS/Apple phones is released (if it hasn't been already) I'm not going to download it. That was totally part of the rush was being away, and then checking your notifications later!!! I honestly didn't realize how much I missed that until I made my account here.

by blairVVitch; ; Report

I'm down for an app because that's what makes FaceBook so useful - they have an app with a Messenger feature that everyone is communicating on. I'd like to see a space as non harmful as SpaceHey be able to control that business instead of Sociopath Bilionaire Zuck.

by Xtine; ; Report

I was thinking about an app this morning. it would in fact be pretty cool to get push notifications. I think it'd help some people be more active instead of disappearing for days or weeks at a time.

by YRBMUSBOR; ; Report

I agree that push notifications or an easier chatting feature like Messenger could be beneficial for SpaceHey in attracting more users from other social media platforms.

As previously stated, I'm not going to download the SpaceHey app, but I am glad that it's going to be developed for those that want it.

by blairVVitch; ; Report's profile picture

As far as I know, none of my real life friends are here, and if I’m honest, I’ve kind of been enjoying that. Facebook has become more of an address book than a friend space for me. That means there are people there with whom I would rather not share certain parts of me or my life, but what a pain it would be to go and check off each person I want to be able to see each thing I might want to post. I know spacehey is totally public, but it somehow feels more cozy and personal to me, even if I don’t actually know any of you in real life. I don’t feel pressure to add anyone here just because I have any sort of relationship with them in the real world, however shallow or distant, just so we can be available to each other. I’m writing this at 1:30am, so I apologize if it’s a bit incoherent.

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No, it's totally coherent, especially for 1:30am. I would love to have a couple of my real life friends on here...but for the most're right. It's not the end of the world if they never make the jump, because I've been interacting with all kinds of new people here that it's kind of a breath of fresh air, so to speak!

by blairVVitch; ; Report

Ghoul World Order

Ghoul World Order's profile picture

I came here because I have been feeling nostalgic for the late 2000s all year long, and after Facebook got the whistle blown on them, I have wondered if it would flat out disappear all together. However, I think the zuck and all of his cronies will probably be forced to resign, and a new administration team who won't data mine us may (may) be put in their place. It sure would "zuck" to lose your own business, right? I'm on Facebook a few times a day, but being that I never had a Myspace account, and Spacehey is like Myspace back from the dead, I want to spend as much time here working on our page and finding some new online friends. Though I never had a Myspace page, the 2000s vibes are "rawring" here. ~Buzz Killer, Talking Zombie From Western Pennsylvania

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That's what I was wondering too! LOL, that would "totally zuck" for them. Wow, then I'm glad you're here!!! I love that this exists for people who either miss MySpace, didn't give it a shot before it went downhill—or like my younger cousin—didn't get the opportunity to have one back in the day. That's also because she was in elementary school. We would argue back and forth, because there was only one computer on site. I wanted to check my MySpace, and she wanted to check her Club Penguin stuff. The struggle was real in 2008!

by blairVVitch; ; Report

I definitely agree that this is the year the 2000s came back from the grave. I have a feeling that it's going to be more than just a fad.

by Ghoul World Order; ; Report


🥓's profile picture

I left it a while back, I only use messenger because people don't wanna move..yet will complain how annoying/shit FB is....But then some refuse to join anything else while also being against FB...I don't get it lol.

Let's hope this site takes off, and even if it doesn't it can always be for the better....bigger isn't always better ;)

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DUDE, Messenger is literally one of the few things that is keeping me at Facebook too. It's one of the only ways I can talk to my cousin, because our text messages to each other on our phones NEVER seem to go through. TRUTH, TBH!!!

by blairVVitch; ; Report

Yep same, cousins and 2x online friends and a girl I like refuses to join anything else

by 🥓; ; Report

Shadow Bliss

Shadow Bliss's profile picture

I completely agree and hope this site has a great future.

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Me too!!! I think the people who are making the most of this platform are going to keep it going for as long as they can, and so I'm going to lean on optimism for the time being (which has been a rarity for a while, tbh).

by blairVVitch; ; Report


Rekkz's profile picture

I wish more of my friendz would move 2 here, cuz honestly, I think I would legit stop using fb for the most part if that happened

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Honestly, me too. All I need now are my close friends and the ability to create photo albums, and I'll be cutting Facebook off!

by blairVVitch; ; Report


Xx-SegaBoy-xX's profile picture

Well, our convo relayed my thoughts. But yeah, I hope my new home here stays chill. I actually have a good feeling about it because I've noticed the ones that complain the most & bail on this site are the ones that seem to require the social fuel that we smell as toxic. So win/win. Lol

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EXACTLY! That's my thing too, that this site will resonate with the people that will actively contribute to this community (even though we'll have to weed out the creepers/spammers like we would anywhere).

by blairVVitch; ; Report