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predictions for exams

So we have a different grading system than Americans so I'll quickly explain them:

Grade 9 = A**
Grade 8 = A*
Grade 7 = A
Grade 6 = B
Grade 5 = C
Grade 4 = D
Grade 3-1 = F
Grade U = No marks or not attended

Okay now here are my predictions!

Maths would probably be a Grade 7 or a Grade 8, I'm not too sure since I checked previous grade boundaries and some times I got an 8 and sometimes I got a 7 so I'm really hoping it's a Grade 8 cos that would be cool. I only need a Grade 7 for my next school though so I don't really mind.

Science is actually two grades because we do 2 sets of papers for all sciences. I think I might get two Grade 7s or maybe one Grade 8 and one Grade 7 but it might be different because I haven't had much experience working out what grade you get for what marks in science.

English Language is probably the worse since I didn't do good on the first paper because I spent too much time on the last question but I did good on the second paper so probably a Grade 6 all together even if I probably fumbled all the questions in the worse case scenes I reckon a Grade 5 which is what I need for my next school btw.

English Literature was pretty good but I'm not sure if I wrote enough for the second paper so I'm guessing a Grade 7 but I might get a Grade 6, fingers crossed for a Grade 7!!

Computer Science is literally my best subject I'm pretty sure I got literally a single mark off on the second mock paper and it was for a silly mistake so I guessing a Grade 9 but some questions our teacher did not fully go over the topic so worse case scenario I might get a Grade 8.

There are other subjects but those are BTEC subjects which are coursework based and I don't care about those and most schools don't care about those either.

So hopefully I get a fabulous result card and go to my next school :D

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Actual Results:

Computer Science - Grade 9
Maths - Grade 8
Combined Science - Grade 8-8
English Langauge - 7
English Literature - 7
Art & Design - 7

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That looks pretty good! I hope you get into that new school you seem excited about.

by HeartOfGold; ; Report

I did btw! it's a pretty good one just that it's a bit far

by adeowazhere; ; Report