remind me 2 never manifest again

sooo, u ever manifest for something and ur liek “i know what i want ! :D” and the world is liek “ha, no u don’t” and then ur liek “shit, i don’t-“

thts basically been happening to me for the past few weeks. manifested for my happily ever after and then got the news i was gonna be able to graduate ! and live with my special person (i mean this as bpd special person bc i have tht) and then it was kind of a be careful what u wish for moment bc he wanted a future and i been in love with him for 4 years but he fell for my best friend and i lost both of them >~>. then my dumbass proceeds to manifest for “the boy i’m in love with” (bc ofc i used vague language) and then my ex rolls back into my life ;~;
i’m probably not doing it responsibly or i’m not doing it right in some way so tbh i’m probably just getting my karma .-.

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