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my nail polish chips off way too fast >:( i painted them like,,,, YESTERDAY , and theyre almost completely chipped off

tbh i havent been doing well mentally lately, i think i need help? liek im not in therapy atm bc my mom hasnt been able to find one yet and i dont wanna vent to my frenz liek,,, they shouldnt have to hear ab that

i watched the boxtrolls for the first time in 4 yrs today! good movie ! 10/10

this is all over the place lol

i need a shower :(

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It's not selfish to vent or get help!!

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omg!!!! the same thing happens 2 me (nails)

totes not fair!!!! >:((

ugh, hopefully we'll find better brands xD

on a less lighthearted note i really do hope u find the help u need and thingz get better 4 u :C

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I'm really sorry to hear that you haven't been doing well lately. Box trolls is a really good movie though! And I know it can be hard sometimes but please try and shower /nf (not forced). Just think about how clean and fresh you'll be after :D /pos

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