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ur momma

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compl3t3ly forgot i& had a spac3h3y or that spac3h3y was 3v3n a thing lmaoo . anyway i& hav3 a partn3r now and th3y'r3 just so amazing and i& lov3 th3m so much !!!!! th3y'v3 h3lp3d m3& r3cov3r (slowly) from my& 3ating disord3r and im& slowly ge3ting mor3 comfortabl3 in this body !!!! :D also mor3 alt3rs hav3 b33n discov3r3d/form3d 3v3n though nothing *TOO* bad has happ3n3d to us lat3ly so thats kinda funky ig :PPP thats all by3 for lik3 thr33 to four months now X3
( sorry if my typing quirk is hard to read if you need a translation just say so :P )

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