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((Sappy sht))

Recently I was sitting and I was thinking some of my usual "deep" thoughts when I thought of something so.. sad but comforting? The majority of the human race always think judgemental ideas about ourselves, not really others but ourselves. We don't cut ourselves slack we always think we should "do better" or change in order to fit into what we believe is perfect. Take a second and look at your hands, these hands that you're looking at wiped your tears in the hardest situations, these hands helped create some of your greatest accomplishments, these hands have been thru a lot. Your feet helped you walk into your favourite places, your feet helped you run whenever you needed to. Your eyes have seen some of the most beautiful sights, your ears have helped you listen to some of the most intellectual pieces of work, your mouth has helped you have a voice which created communication and sometimes it's even helped you stand up for yourself. We should appreciate ourselves more, we've had our bodies since birth until this very moment. It's helped u a lot. So love it. :)

xoxo, b

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