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adulting is hard

i'm trying to figure out how to gracefully respond to rejection emails -- i'm also trying to organize myself a little bit more. it's messy. growing up is messy.

i feel pulled in like four thousand different directions, and i'm not really sure what i'm doing. i guess that's what growing up and becoming an adult and coming into your own is about though, isn't it? not knowing what the fuck is going on? that's what it feels like.

anyway, i got a new phone today -- my sister got me an iphone 12, upgraded from my 7. i didn't trade it in through; i grow attached to stuff pretty easily, and i knew i'd miss it. i already miss it as i'm clearing it out -- so many memories, man. so many.

i think that's my problem honestly -- i'm sentimental to a fault. i resist change. i'm trying to change that, no pun intended. i guess we'll see how that goes.

in related news, i think it's time to switch up my appearance a little. i like the pink hair, but i'm getting bored; i need a piercing or two, and maybe a tattoo if i can tolerate one. i need to do something. i dunno.

we'll figure it out when we figure it out, and when we do, it'll be glorious. in the meantime, i've got a phone to wipe for safe-keeping and some independent magazines to submit art to. thanks for reading <3


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