I never thought I'd have to write a blog about this but let's just do it

I haven't seen this Zion user's blog. I do not agree with people spreading negativity on this platform. It sucks, it's uncalled for and no one asked. BUT here's my take about people calling this person a "racist".

This was my answer to a blog someone made, claiming that "cracker" was a RACIAL SLUR and that white people were being subject to racism (which again is 100% coming from white supremacy ideology btw). They then made another blog saying that basically, everyone who disagreed with them didn't search the definition of racism on google, that "you can obtain in 5 seconds". 

And sorry, but if you think the definition of racism is just a 2 lines definition you can simply find on Google on the first page, you are really fucking ignorant. Is all I have to say. You see, there is a REASON why at the end of your little definition, it is mentioned "typically one that is a minority or marginalized". But all you want to do is victimise yourself for a poor dumb insult and that just proves you have no idea what racism actually IS. 

The fact that so many people liked this post doesn't surprise me as there are a lot of young people on here who don't understand the difference yet, and think this person is right. So next time, instead of letting people see this post by boosting it, simply report it and go on with your day. 

Let's just spread good vibes and cool stuff, experiences, etc. and ofc let's keep having respectful conversations where everyone can listen to each other. Not this kind of "idgaf I'm right" bs. This is why I quit social media in the first place to come on here! So. Yeah! :) Have a great day

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ty cus they swear that they can experience racism so bad bruh

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