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Really excited! Who else?

Really cool to see this site pop up out of nowhere. I feel the biggest issue with fb besides the algorithm designed for hate and monetization, was the lack of individuality and creativity to just be able to express yourself.

Isn't it strange how they didn't want us using our minds to personalize our own profile/pages? They wanted us to shift our focus from just having fun, meeting people and learning to worrying about a fucking number. A number of how many likes/reactions does my post get?

I feel that's where a majority of the anxiety comes from in social media nowadays. Everyone wants to be heard, but no one wants to feel unheard. and this is a great way of being able to express yourself more than what a number of likes could ever represent.

It's also exciting to see everyone learning to code again!

I hope it leads to an avalanche of peeps wanting to learn more about scripting/coding in general and just a healthier mental mind set for people using social media.

Love all you folks of different strokes.

Great to see my scene friends again

See you around.

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Adrian Martinez

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whats the discord to get help customizing our page? its been so long i forgot how

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