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Need help!! Friend problemss :(

Hey so to anyone who sees this please take a read if you have time!! :)

So first what's needed is some backstory. Me and this girl have been friends since very early 2020. We got super close when covid first hit and we went into lockdown. we'll around late November (2021) she started to ghost me, left me on read/seen/etc. Then in February (2022) she sent me a super loong text and she ended our friendship (which at that point i had been expecting her to do, so it didn't come as a shock) anyways she blocks me on everything and i cant contact her.

I go through a super long process of healing and being angry and sad and what-not, and i finally realized she hadn't blocked me on my spam account on Instagram. I was able to keep myself together and after i finally recovered from all that (early June) I started to wonder what would happen if i messaged her? But i held off from doing so until around the 11th super late at night (technically the morning of the 12th.) Anyways i wrote up a super long message and basically was like "hey i wanna talk again if you would also want to do so" blah blah blah. She didnt respond until around 9am when she woke up. She said she "yeah sure, why not? lets try again" and so im like "great awesome" and we start talking again. well recently she hasn't been replying to my texts at all even though she isn't busy and is at home just being on her phone. (we share locations and our activity status on everything which is why i know this)

anyways whole point of this entire thing is im wondering if she actually wants to be friends or she just felt bad saying no?? im really confused and would really appreciate someone else's perspective. anyways thanks a bucnh!! <3

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