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PS Plus Premium Playstation One games

It's been a whole year since I last posted and I'm right back in that ps1 summer mood. The new version of PlayStation Plus just released and I decided to grab it. I've heard many a complaint about the classic game collection, and on the surface it looks rather lackluster. I was eager to try some of the ps1 titles that I've heard about before (mostly thanks to Tim Rogers) and I've been having a blast. Post wisdom tooth surgery rest has it's benefits, and in this case it comes in the form of playing dorky 25 year old games guilt free all day. I just played/checked out about half of the ps1 titles in this current collection so I wanted to write little mini reviews on the ones that I've completed or at least got the gist of. 

Intelligent Qube: I've seen clips of this puzzle game for ages so I was curious about it's gameplay. This one is addicting. You play as a small person who runs on a grid of blocks, tryin g to capture an onslaught of rolling cubes before he gets knocked off. I didn't even know one of the main mechanics for three hours but I was hooked. The simplistic aesthetic works so well and it has a crazy good soundtrack. It's so bombastic for seemingly no reason, but it works so I can't complain. I don't think I'll play it again, because it doesn't quite work with replay ability, but it was such a fun puzzle relic that I couldn't help but platinum. 7/10

Hot Shots Golf: The most standard golfing experience you could ask for. Its well balanced and doesn't have many hang ups, but I can't see a reason to include this one on the list. There is a mini golf mode which is cool, but overall this is an uninteresting entry that doesn't stand out amidst the other sport games from this era. 5/10

Ape Escape: Now THIS is a video game. The use of incorporating the newly designed dualshock, this delivers an experience that takes full advantage of the two sticks. I don't think the execution is flawless, but for a first try it gets pretty darn close. The platforming is fun and only starts to feel frustrating at the very end. The voice acting is perfectly dorky and cheesy , just how I like it. The tone and story are just incredibly fun and the whole experience was such a delight. This definitely earns a top spot at my favorite PS1 games. 8/10

Toy Story 2: On the other side of the early 3d platformers comes an entry that has some pretty bad and punishing level designs. They aren't terrible, but the longer it goes, the more apparent it becomes that most kids probably were not able to finish this, including me! I played the PC port back in elementary school and I couldn't get past level four. I will say it is a charming enough experience, being an adaption of one of the best sequels of all time, but it is hastily made tie in that shouldn't be played for any reason besides nostalgia value. 3/10

Jumping Flash!: For a 3d platformer that released before Super Mario 64, this is pretty dang fun. It's short and sweet, but its a really fun relic from the PS1. You play as a robot rabbit who hops through six different worlds, all with a first person perspective. It is incredibly fun to control and the aesthetic is one of the best that the PlayStation has to offer. This one is a super sweet novelty that you should check out, even if for only a couple minutes. 7/10

That's it for now, I still need to complete and get father in a few more of these titles before I can write about more. If you got any favorites that came to PS plus or you're hopping they add in some more titles (I'm hopping for some Breath of Fire, Mega Man Legends, and Revelations: Persona) go ahead and let me know in the comments. 

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