A Season to Love

On a mild autumn evening, down a deserted lane flocked by thick woods, leaves rustle and tumble about. Something is coming. There is anticipation in the air. 

A blackbird calls out breaking the silence as a girl appears from nowhere. She is clad only in a white gauzy dress, much too thin for the chill of the air. The setting sun casts shadows across her upturned face and her silky auburn hair cascades down her back. 

A smile graces her lips as she turns around to face an empty road. Her green eyes dance with joy as a man steps forward out of thin air. "Hello my love. ", she murmurs as she steps forward on bare feet. 

He smiled mischievously at her before gently wrapping his arms around her. He smells of burnt leaves and spiced wine and his dark coat warms her as she slides her arms inside to embrace him in return. 

"It has been too long darling. Are you ready to come home? ", he says huskily into her ear. She shivers from more than cold as she looks up and smiles warmly. "Yes my love. Oh how I've missed you my sweet king. "

He smiles with a gentleness reserved solely for her as he lifts her easily into his arms. Her arms slide around his neck and nimble fingers curl into dark hair. He turns as if to walk away with her, but they disappear with his first step. 

A gasp escapes a third person, hidden from view by a great oak tree. A small girl with a bow in her golden hair runs down the lane to her village. She must go and tell her friends what she has seen. She has been blessed this day, for she has seen The Goddess Persephone carried home. 

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