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The Dark Room and MY Bright Idea's

the chaos and noise get to me. It wasn't until i started temp living with my aunt in a house of 10 people and 8 dogs did I realize how bad i can have sensory overload. to be honest i thought id break a lot sooner...but I manage to deal with and put up with the noise and chaos for a month before I decided to retreat to my aunts room for some peace and quit. That's where my cousins sometimes go if they want to get away from our youngest cousin, she's 6yrs and that bedroom is the one place she wont go into. not because she isn't allowed but its because my grandparent haunt the room. I know how it sounds but they do! everyone has encountered their spirit! I never used to be nervous when I was little going into that room until my grandfather passed away. I was 6 when he passed and after that I used to feel a heavy feeling in the air whenever I would go into the room. even to this day you can feel it or sometimes smell cig smoke even though no one living here smokes those gross things. It wasn't until a few nights ago that I made a grave mistake...I once again made the poor choice of staying up watching NCIS when the need for the restroom strike me. Not wanting to use the front bathroom as it wasn't my favorite one to use. I made the choice to use the master bathroom which us kids use most of the time. My aunt and uncle could sleep through a nuke blast so I knew I wouldn't wake them up. "alright no prob..." I said to myself as I opened the door to their room and closed it behind me. the room was pitch black, not a single bit of light could be seen in the room. go figure from how far out we live and they have the windows covered. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves as I slowly started walking hoping my eyes would adjust but nothing...I was completely blind. scared I would bump into a box or something "just great...such clutter bugs..." I thought to myself as I stopped walking unable to grasp my own location of the room. i turned around trying to see any hint of light from the crack beneath the closed to but it wasn't much light nor help. fear and anxiety began to hit me as i turned back around trying to figure out how far i walked. i knew i must have been halfway from the bathroom and the bedroom door but i wasn't sure. Then it suddenly hit me, this calmness and moment of my anxiety washed away as i relaxed. i don't know why but i didn't think at all and began taking another step and reached out. "the doorknob" i said under my breath as i opened the bathroom door and flicked on the light. Yes! light! closing the door behind me i took care of what i needed done, bathroom and brushed my teeth. it wasn't until i got done did i realized id had to make the same trip back out of the bedroom. "maybe it wont be as bad..." i said lying to myself. With the unwanting feeling of flicking off the bathroom light. i was once again thrown into a world of darkness. Grabbing ahold of my o2 cord i used it as a guide to lead me to the way out. it worked if only it hadn't got caught on a box the it lead me into causing me to bump into it. "fucking thing..." i whispered under my breathe as i could now see the faint glow of light from the bedroom door. my ray of hope from this bad adventure guided me back as i opened the bedroom door and walked out of the room of darkness closing the door as fast and quitly as i could behind me happy that i could see where i was going again. "24 and your still doing dumb shit...next time im taking my phone..." i muttered to myself as i sat back down to finish the episode of NCIS.

(goes to show that no matter how old you get your still going to have bright idea moments. little things that you can laugh at even if it might be childish}

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