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no medshaming allowedd

HIIII so as a crazy person i have to take a lot of medication. nothing wrong with that, i gotta keep myself alive. BUT. some people have issues with that. saying things like "just go outside" "just take a walk" "just exersise" JANET. I DO /JUST/ THAT. AND I STILL WANNA THROW MYSELF IN FRONT OF A TRAIN. pls if you see your friends take medicine or notice theyre nervous to take medicine in front of you, pls dont comment on it unless its something good. even telling ur friends that "oh i tried that medicine and it was horrible, dont take it" their dr gave it to them bc they believe it will have more pros than cons. are u doctor? no? ofc not thats why u acting like medicine is the same for everyone. IT NOT. DUMMIES. Pls stop med shaming and also pls stop shaming  your friends who DONT take medication but u think they might be happier if they did. everyones body is soooo different. everything affects all of us differentely. but anyways, i love this song so much. whenever ppl ask why i take so much medicine i just show them this. life is tragic but I still have to keep myself alive.

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fuck yes, well said. I take my shit to stay sane, and although not everyone does meds are important to many people and should be respected

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It's Stranger

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Agreed. I would say especially in the times we live in, but the world has and will always be full of imperfect people which is something that I love about it. But that's just it no one is better than the next whether they take medication or not everyone is different and that's what makes a person unique.

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