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My favorite underground artists

I love music. It's easily one of my favorite things. Because of that, I have a few unknown artists that I want to share. For my purposes, anyone with less than 100k listeners on Spotify is underground.

1. Tele Novella- This band is a combination of psychedelic rock, 50s cowboy tunes, and folk pop sounds. I recommend their songs Words that Stay, Heavy Balloon, Sacramento, and Fruits of Misery, although all of their music is good.

2. St. Lenox- This artist has an almost pseudo-gospel sound, and I highly recommend listening to this music when you want to feel a connection to humanity. For fans of artists such as Hozier and Father John Misty, this would be a great fit. I especially recommend his album Ten Songs of Worship and Praise for Our Tumultuous Times, where he reflects on life growing up as a gay second generation Korean immigrant in a religious environment. As the album goes on, the songs, which begin in a high energy pop sound, take on a more somber and thought provoking tone. The final song, Superkamiokande, which is about a supercollider project and how it proves the existence of incredibly small particles, never fails to give me chills.

3. Grand Falls Plaza- This artist writes music that is similar to what you might find in a lo-fi hip-hop sort of playlist. He is very relaxing to listen to, plus his album artwork is stunning. I recommend his Sundive album, especially for studying or relaxing. This music is instrumental primarily.

4. Cornelia Murr- This artist's sound is a combination of somber pop, Caribbean beats, and folk love songs. I recommend her song Different this Time, which has a very soothing sound. It gives me chills. Her music usually has rain sounds in the background, so I recommend listening to things with headphones for the best effect.

5. Renée Reed- This artist is the most somber of this list. Her music calls to mind an almost mystical vision, with an emphasis on a fairy-like vibe. I recommend her songs Neboj and Fast One. While some of her music is in French, she is an American singer.

That's all for now, but feel free to leave your own recommendations or review these artists in the comments. Enjoy!

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