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i might die rn {15/06/2022}

HELP! i like this guy in my school but at least 46 girls like him TT the thing is I thought he was super quiet and people didn’t know about him BUT ofc he is a super cute and attractive quiet emo guy so now girls do like him :((( anyways, it’s not like I really excepted him to like me back since 1) he doesn’t know my name 2) im really ugly 3) he simply just would never fall in love with me 4) I have HORRIBLE bad luck w guys, probably got it from my mom :’( 5) i need to be humbled; not everything I plan and prepare to be with my crush and date them will go according to plan, you don’t always get what you want! so yeah… IDK WHAT TO DO! like i stalk him in the hallways and on his socials, i always think about how perfect he is and i he is currently my hyperfixation! i don’t know how I’ll stop liking him eventually, i can’t handle rejection. like he is my main inspiration for losing weight, do my hair properly in the morning, talk less loud… YKWIM! anywayz im in class rn so I’ll just let time do it’s thing and focus on my stupid music task… BYAAAA! ♥︎

-XOXO, the real pokkii (aka ness☆)

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