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hi its june 14

hello world!!! it's me,,, again!!!!

im gonna have ranchera tacos 4 dinner and i'm super excite, my bf is a good cook i <3 him sm. i just got off of work n im hecka tired im sitting at my computa like @-@. but imma take a shower, help cook dinner, and then jump on ffxiv B) i used to play it a little bit buuuut i totally fell off. i resubbed on sunday and finally hit lvl 50 :DDDD i'm a lvl 50 black mage and my playa chara chick is a elezen lady. she is super freaking tall i LOOOVEE!!! her so much. i play it with my irl friend he is so cool B) if u play ffxiv tell me!!!! we can play 2gether!!! and i like 2 play everskies too but imma only add u if ur 18+ on there cause there is always so much minor drama going on. uhmmm i think thats all for now......

>>~~ april ate cake ~~<<

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