{Show Review} :- Pandora's Box (天目危机)

Imagine that feeling of entering a parallel universe? That's what i got when i watched Pandora's box.

I've been searching for a mystery drama that makes it feel like twin peaks all over again.
 While searching for a new ep of Mouse ( Korean Drama ), a website poped up of a drama called Pandora's Box, which is a Chinese-Japanese drama based on the idea of consecuences and it's power, all wrapped up in the mysteries case of Li Tian's Mother.

and what a good journey it was, the show does not only feel like twin peaks, the direction, the storyline is magnificent.
my favorite character was the detective, and Li Tian's mother.

But unfortunatly, the series got way out of it's style by ep 10 ( it's 12 ep tv series ), till ep 9 all the scenes where very dreamy, sparkling and wonderful, that till Li Tian opened the pandora box, and the series went low key to me, the first 10 ep felt totally like twin peaks, while the last 2 ep, felt like watching a boring ep from  the flash.
rate? 8/10.

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