my fave game: STYLE BOUTiQUE ミ・◦・ミ

ok, who else loved playing games on their DS back in the day? i used 2 own a black one & it was my favourite thing in the whole world;

( until my little brother broke it ( ˃̣̣̥ ω˂̣̣̥)੭ु⁾⁾ )

so in the months leading up to xmas 2009 i was sat with grandparents looking thru the argos catalogue (my uk peeps kno whatsup ^^) 4 smth they could get me that xmas. ofc i went straight 2 the video games section 2 look @ the selection of new DS games the store carried & this is when i laid my eyes on a game called Style Boutique !!

i had no idea what the game was about yet but my little gay self saw the red stiletto heel on the cover & knew i had to have it. o(*>ω<*)o

basically: in this game u work as a sales assistant a boutique & eventually get the chance 2 open & manage ur own boutique, take part in fashion competitions & be in fashion magazines !!

the game originated in Japan w/ the name Girls Mode & was also released in the USA as Style Savvy & in Korea as Girls Style !

bc the game was made in Japan the character design is sooo cute & anime style && the different in-game brands are all in different styles like bold, chic, rock, gothic, babydoll, lively etc.

i love the style in this game bc its all different styles found within the Japanese fashion sub culture of GYARU^^ ( which btw was an influence on myspace scene fashions ).

my fav in-game brand is called AZ*USA & it mainly caters 2 the kuro-gyaru style of gyaru which features big bleached hair, tanned skin, heavy makeup, lots of bling, fur & animal prints!!

plus: the game was made in 2008 so the fashions are from that era & sososo cute!!!

there are 3 sequels to this game available for the 3DS, & ofc i luv those but nothing beats the OG DS game 4 me…

i don’t have a DS anymore & i am trying 2 find 1 online since Nintendo doesn’t make them anymore </3 but i want one in pink or black !! i want to decorate it with big gems and bling.

at the moment i play Style Boutique on a ds emulator on my computer & its just as fun (^^)*:・゚

u guys srsly need 2 try this game if ur into fashion & styling & the gyaru culture. i promise u will luv it 2

xoxo, ethan <3




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oh hey i used to play this too im gonna get back to it again some time its fun

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omg!! I love that game too much

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my sister loves the 3ds version :))

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