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Early Riser by Jasper Fforde review

This book really scratched the itch for a fun adventure that had interesting worldbuilding without the use of spacecrafts or magic. It takes awhile to actually understand the world and spent the beginning chapters confused as to what was happening. The world itself, once you understand it, is really cool (pun intended). The winters are deadly and most humans hibernate through it. The exceptions are the foolish and those who have to work in order to maintain order throughout the winter. 
Personally, could not decide if the way the book was written with its many descriptors of people's scents and food was annoying or not. Although the book had a fun story, the ending felt very rushed, or at least didn't conclude with an amazing climax. Instead, it skipped that part for a recap after a smaller climax. It was a bit disappointing. Still a really fun read for the sake of its world and the parts of the mystery in the story.

oh apparently the book never gave its main character any pronouns. So that's neat. 

Sorry for a short review ^__^; writing reviews is a little difficult but hope to get better with practice!

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