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i just spent so much money this weekend between a 300$ school deposit fee and then my cars brakes suddenly went out.. i was so scared lmao i had just driven into town when they started grinding really badly.  thought i was going to be stranded but i made it back.  all in all the new stuff for my car cost 400$ -_- and dont even get me started about waiting to get seen at the auto service center it took 5 hours. thought i was going to die in there.

and when i woke up this morning my eyes were randomly swollen and itchy/peeling? they do this sometimes but ive been combatting it w/ coconut oil which really seemed like it was helping but suddenly happened this morning which really has got me cranky LOL. what a bummy weekend =[ i was really looking forward to just chilling out and working on art stuff.

speaking of which heres a thank you gift i did for a friend last night

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