-God has favourites-

Okay, so, basically, ghosts have the power to possess and haunt items so who’s saying that they aren’t capable of hurting someone. Imagine the deaths that have been labelled natural causes when in reality a spirit or entity was like ,nah bro lemme stop yo heart real quick. I refuse to say it’s not a possibility. Also I believe that some serial killers were more than likely possessed or could still be possessed cause it’s almost impossible to tell to some people. So the moral of this is that I believe that spirits or energies have the ability to do so much more harm in there natural form but they choose to use others. At the same time I think there’s rules, as if there’s boundaries spirits and entity’s can’t cross, like humans, many of us can’t connect to the dead some maybe some of the spirits or entity’s can’t connect with us. Just a theory. Don’t come at me.


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