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[RANT] tranzphobez D word challenge

i hayyyyteee the discourse ovr neoprnz .. literally juz say yer transphobic and ableist and go!!!!!! and juz becuz u urself are an autistic person that doesnt understand neoz doesnt mean u can shit on other people who do use them !!!!!!!!!Β 

no neoprnz are harmful EXCEPT blm/blmself acab/acabself other shit along those linez … an yall kno they were made by neurotypicalz too right ???? they were made to make a mockery of actual neoprnz.Β 
β€œerm.. well im not calling someone kitten/kittenself πŸ€“β€ ok?? use their different neoz then if they have any?????? or if they use the typical pronounz like he/him she/her they/them then USE THOSE!!!!!! itz literally not even that hard and juz a reminder u can b transphobic while under the tranz umbrella ❀️ Β being a demigirl doesnt give u an excuse 2 b transphobic ur literally victimizing urself !!!!Β 

soz 4 tha rant … juz hate neorpn discourse so much- juz let uz autisticz exprezz ourselvez!!!!!!! oh an if ur seeing thiz an use neoz, plz comment them below id luv 2 see dem :D ^-^ /genΒ 

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π“‹Όπ“Š γƒ˜ wallter / lampert / frank

π“‹Όπ“Š γƒ˜ wallter / lampert / ...'s profile picture

correct! Neo's can be made fun of, and I don't tolerate that either!

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yeah like ???? suddenly the anti neos invaded the spacehey >:(

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EXACLTY THAT BLOG MADE ME SO MAD!!!! i juzt blocked them cuz i juzt dont wanna deal with it & there waz plenty of other pplz grilling them XD

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i blocked them too an all da othr people who r against neoz in tha repliez >:T

by wolf ^_^; ; Report

yeah same :P

by FL1NT!!; ; Report

fairycake444 ΰ±¨ΰ§Žβ‹†Λšο½‘β‹†

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yess, perfect explanation :)

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tyty, i try my best ^^; !!

by wolf ^_^; ; Report