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Ye Olde MySpace Survey



name:: Vicodin Allegra Viagra III
nickname:: Abba
how old are you:: older than HTML
zodiac sign:: No right turn on red
current location:: a secret government hideout where Bond girls train
eye color:: crayola brown
hair color:: Bob Ross van dyke brown
hair type:: on my head still
height:: 189 thagometers
your heritage:: a got an old clock and Dad's West Point ring
what's your middle name:: Skidmark
shoe's you wore today:: one left and one right
your weakness:: my calves 
your fear:: pulling a hamstring right before I reach the finish and doing a face plant
have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:: does a Honda 250 motocross bike on whoopty doos count?
do you want to:: ride the Honda again? Yes absolutely
goal you would like to achieve this year:: finish this damn program I've failed so badly at
first thought when you wake up:: What stupid song is this??!!
best physical feature:: not my calves
who is your bestest friend:: Well, dunno, probably my wife
when is your bedtime:: around midnight
your most cherished memory:: well, this one time, at band camp ...
pepsi or coke:: orange crush
mc dondalds or burgerking:: Hardees, Arby's or Jacks, or anyone else
singel or group dates:: I am married so I am not allowed to date anymore
what is the last song you sang:: badly, by me
does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive:: well it hasn't worked for me so far
what is your biggest pet peeve:: passive aggressive a-holes blocking the passing lane 
do you drink:: every day, mostly water, some coffee, a little orange juice and yesterday I had a margarita
ever been drunk:: yesh
do you smoke:: only when on fire 
do you "SMOKE":: only when ON FIRE
do you sing:: badly
what color underwear do you have on:: Bob Ross titanium white
do you want to go to college:: did that
have you ever been in love:: Yes
do you want to get married:: only once
do you believe in yourself:: well clearly I exist, unlike that stupid mythical Oprah
do you believe in others:: others' what?
do you like thunderstorms:: as long as my windows are shut
do you play an instrument:: guitar, bass - badly
what do you want to be when you grow up:: a free citizen with all my rights intact
what country would you like to visit:: New Zealand, Australia
how many CD's do you own:: at least 100
how many DVD's do you own:: at least 100
how many tattoo's do you have:: at least 0
how many piercings do yo have:: one, in my shin, by accident
how many things in the past do you regret:: most of them


shoes:: these old Nike's that I have been forced to Shoe Glu because they are SO old
radio station:: 101.2?
drink:: cold milk, cold orange juice, cold water
car:: 1970 Buick Skylark GSX
place:: dunno 
song:: Blue Collar Man by Styx or Have a Cigar by Pink Floyd
movie:: Monty Python and the Holy Grail or Kung Fu Hurricane
moment:: dunno, something at the beach
color:: red
meal:: pizza pie in your eye


favorite eye color:: green
favorite hair color:: auburn
short or long hair:: long
height:: anywhere from 5' even to 5'11" I guess
body type:: hawt
does ethnicity matter:: not especially
piercings:: just ears if at all
tattoos:: dunno, never thought about it, but no giant-ass dragons


do you think you are attractive:: to mosquitos and smoke, apparently, yes
are you attracted to someone who does not know it:: I am mostly dead inside
would you like to be someones fantasy:: now that song Life is Like a Fantasy is in my head
hunter or hunted:: well no one wants to be shot, so ...
do you kiss with your eyes closed or open:: yes
a little or a lot of tongue:: depends who I am kissing
older or younger:: just love me and don't be abusive
lights on/lights off or candle light:: lamp
do you like to cuddle after:: as long as it isn't in the wet spot
do you like to cuddle in general:: yeah in winter when its cold


what is todays date:: october 7, 2021
what time is it:: 4:22 pm
who are you thinking of:: no one
what are you listening to:: office noises
do you love someone:: wife
do you know where your mechanical bull is:: parked under the deck at the moment
does someone love you:: she'd better
is it raining:: not anymore
how many myspace friends do you have:: I'd have to log in and check, but most are gone
are you happy:: not sure

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