as the world crumbled around me, i looked at him and he smiled. "it's just us... against the world." i feel to my knees, tears rushing out and flowing against my skin. 'no.. it- it shouldn't end like this' i thought, gaining a grip to my mind. he stood up and left to fight. he continued to fight in a war he knew he couldn't win. i just watched as he feel down, his last breathe living his body. i tried to scream, i tried to call for him... nothing. nothing came out of my mouth.

i will not forget how they tore you away from me. i will not forgive. so why, why when i look at her... i feel warm and satisfied. it isnt the knife that she stabbed me with, it's the feeling that i'll join you again so soon. i will see you smile and we will finally be together again. just us.. alone.

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