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hi everyone :3

sorry I haven't posted at all on here lately! it's been MONTHS oops ;~;

just an update of everything that's happened in those months i've been gone and why I haven't posted:

- I got a girlfriend! They are the best, I love them :) we hang out multiple times a week which dug into the amount of time I had for online shenanigans 
- I got a full time job! I had a part time back when I was more active; the full time job has sucked up all my time during the day, and by the time I'm home at the end of the day I have zero energy left to post.
- I went back to college to get a second degree! I missed college and I love my new courses, plus the fact that the program I'm in is fully online is super helpful because I can work around my hectic workweek!

As you can see, I have been BUSY! I didn't mean to ignore everyone, life just kinda happened yaknow? I'm still hecka busy but I'm going to try to check in every couple of weeks so feel free to add me, I just won't be the most active friend on the planet :)

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