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First day

First day over :3

It´s been a day since I made an account on here now! Already meet a few people and it´s honestly so nice! I´m already used to using forums and all this stuff so it´s not too new too me but it´s still fun to have this kind of 'experience' once again. It´s very chill and just fun to be on.

Spend the majority of the day making my profile pretty & searching some friends.  It´s also very cool to just browse profiles and see what people do and like.
I don´t know if I´ll use this blog function that often.  I´m more of a 'let´s share things in the forum person' rather than blogs haha but who knows. Eventually I´ll use this to share some art I do here and there. 

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jamie 👾

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Ayy, well welcome! I know I saw you on TH pretty often so its neat to also see you here! I'm pretty new to this as well and I'm not sure what I'm doing tbh, I hope you're doing well!

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ohh hi! thanks for the welcome, cool to see ppl from TH on here as well :)
Yea same haha. Just trying to figure things out. Hope you´re doing fine as well

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