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warning (important)

therez soem men on here dat hav been creepy 2 me lately

plz block them

(he asked me, a 17 yr old, 4 mai number, 4 gawd knowz why)

(called me "pretty damsel" despite the fact that im 17 and he looks 48, he also has primarily young girls added)

(called me beautiful despite the fact he looks like hes in his late twenties, also called me "queen")

ik soem of teh evidence iz a bit far fetched 
but grown azz men shouldn b talking 2 teenz liek thiz ever
who knowz these men could also b hitting on girlz YOUNGER than I
plz report these dudez or block them
i already messaged An abt them, so they should b goen soon, but while theyre still here i want yall 2 stay saef
ily guyz <3  

UPDATE: found another creeper

thiz feelz liek fishing
anwyayz herez another creep!!

plz block him

tried getting with me even tho im 17 n hez 25
also in hiz profile it sayz he 28 even tho he told me hez 25

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yw!! X3

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧ léa ୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

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Sadly I feel like pedos and perverts on the internet is an inevitable thing. But this kind of post is very great! Thank you for reassembling all these conversations and warning other people about these crazy fucks!!!! You handled it very well!! :)

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awwe ty!!

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report


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omgg!! Im so sorry dis is happening :((.... These ppl are rlly creeepyyy... Stay safe Dx!!!!1!!

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itz fien
it hasnt happened in a while fortunately

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report

yYay!!! thats good to hear

by MeryXD; ; Report


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girl i’m sorry that’s so gross what a predator

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by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report


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no site is safe from preds dont trust any stranger, they can even try to roleplay as kids so dont share anything that u wouldnt want a stranger to know is basically all u need to know but a lot of kids dont know better so whoopss i think there might already be many victims here

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im just trying 2 maek kidz younger than me aware so these men dont try 2 get with soem1 liek a 12 yr old
many of these men only had minor girlz added

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report

yeh it's important that ur sharing this and warning others, this is an old school platform so we should work as a community to establish standards for users so ppl like these cant just roam free, calling them out like this is a good start, theres currently not enough mods to monitor everything that happens here.

by just_a_motherfkers.; ; Report


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Ok first of all, holy cow I had a stroke just trying to read your spelling.

Second, complimenting someone by called them beautiful isn't necessarily creepy lol. Some people skim profiles and might not see your age. Also it seems like you continued to carry on conversations with them as if nothing was wrong, even replying "it's fine" to one guy, but are now sharing their messages around without their knowledge???

The sugar daddy/wanting to date you ones are creepy though 100%.

But yeah if you don't like people complimenting you or if it makes you uncomfortable then tell them that, don't act like you're fine with it and then blast them on the internet.

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yea but based off my pfp i lewk mai age
these guyz lewk liek older men
also most of them hav primarily young girlz added

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report

old men going for young girls is never okay and always creepy bye

by jilly; ; Report

The X

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oh gawd

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report


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TY for sharing!!!! I think it's important for places like these to be positive, because for some people(probably idk if anyone did) they left to get away from all the negativity on main websites

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i just dont want them targett ppl even younger than me yk

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report

violent adrenaline

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thank you so much for sharing!!!! this this is suppose to be a fun site, not a place for creeps to roam >:(

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n fr

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report


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I swear it seems here lately almost every guy/girl that goes straight to your DMs after you add them, has a motive & it's usually not in your best interest. Be safe, don't be afraid to report any message that makes you uncomfortable & NEVER give any personal contact info. I've been here pretty much since the beginning & I've heard my share of stories about weirdos that creep about here. There are a few that have even started blogs with lists of peeps to block. So kudos to you for sharing. Every little bit helps. Thanks.

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honestly when i get messagez liek thiz i just kinda know wutz coeming but liek
i lead them on so i can get az much shit on them az possible
ik it soundz a lil backhanded but id rather itd b me than soem 12 yr old since there r unfortunately ppl dat age on here

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report


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thanks for spreading this, i HATE creeps on the internet. they ruin spaces that are supposed to be fun.

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yea fr

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report


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I dont wanna get in your business but if somebody being creepy to u @ the start of a convo I would recommend just not responding! ty for warning us abt these creeps!

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i wouldve doen dat but liek
i waz kinda doing dat on purpose so i could get az much shit on these guyz az possible

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report


by Zoe; ; Report

Right, something isn't adding up to me about the first couple. Their messages don't seem creepy to me and if she keeps responding as if nothing's up, they're going to assume she's fine with talking like that.

Saying she kept responding "because she wanted to get as much dirt as possible" sounds manipulative AF and if that's her approach, then she's literally just looking for trouble at this point. If she's responding saying "it's fine" then that's on her.

by Raven; ; Report

The X

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Lawson tryde addin me and i blocked him just kkeep me updayted if anithyng else happenz

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by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report

Same thing happened to me lol

by Caitlynn; ; Report


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not the first person sending me a friend request just now-

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hoep he getz banned soemtiem soon

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report

Lol asking people to talk on other platforms/through text isn't a bannable offense... I've had several people ask to talk on other socials because it's just easier. Also you literally told him "it's fine don't worry" so idk why you're turning around and blasting him. That's manipulative AF.

by Raven; ; Report

giving soem1 ur literal phoen number isnt a different platform though??? ur phoen number could legit b a dead giveaway of ur area coed

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report


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da last one- i had a guy on here message me something exactly liek that!! it wasn't da same guy since i have the one who messaged me blocked :P but dats super creepy!! 0.0

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itz just rlly weird leik why r u messaging dat 2 random kidz onlien

by Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX; ; Report