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Fallen London

bear with me.

imagine a video game where you can take a friend out for a game of chess, and the outcome of said game could both be a boost to you, or a loss of sanity.

a video game where you can take a walk down the street, only to find an octopus-faced man being abused by hooligans, and you're left to defend him or jeer on his attackers.

imagine a city, stolen by bats, that now floats in an underground ocean, long and little explored.

well, it exists. it's a mostly text-based video game, and it's fully free and browser based. I wholely recommend it to anyone who's left curious or has the time.
(not a paid promotion, although i wish it was)


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yo i also play fallen london! just started a few weeks ago. i dont know how the letters system works but if it is collaborative/multiplayer id love to team up!

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you just share names or emails, and you can trade mail
once both characters know each other, we can send each other stuff, like good things, or rats in a box. we can also help each other in tasks

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