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im so happy :D

so my friend that lives 8 hours away is having quince this year sometime in july and i told my mom that i wish i could go but i cant since we live so far away. and yk what my mom said? depending when she has it I MIGHT GO TO HER QUINCE!!!!!!

i rly hope i can go cuz i havent see her in person for almost 3 years :sob: i rly hope i can go, i just wanna see her again, i rly miss her a lot even tho i talk to her everyday lol 

i just wana see her irl again :( it would also be rly cool if my other friend in our friend group could go too!! then our trio can all get together again since all 3 of us havent been together in person since 6th grade :D if so that would be so fun, it would be one of the best days of my life. 

it would also be rly fun since ive never been to a quince before and they look like a lot of fun, and the dresses they wear for the quince ARE SO PRETTY i love the dresses sm  

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that sounds so cool! i hope you can go :D

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