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Bulletins Expire, But Blog Entries Are 5ever

My first blog! Maaan have I missed this.

Before Facebook posting, before LiveJournal whinging, there was MySpace (or, as I called it, HellSpace) blogging. I was an angsty mess (still am, but hey), and I let it aaalll out

To be honest, I am over-the-fucking-moon giddy about SpaceHey. It slides right on up into my DMs like a hot knife through Crisco. Or something. I don't know what the kids are saying anymore... Point is: YEY!


My idea for the first few blogs is to get down my lists of favorite things, preferably in alphabetical order. That way, I can pick my absolute favorites to keep on my profile, and the rest can go here, for anyone who's curious enough to look. ^_^

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