I’ve taken up journaling lately, in the past 2-3 months? it’s so fun!!! i call my journaling more like scrapbooking because I just glue random stuff,,, but I’m still expressing my emotions! anyways, as of late I can’t can up with anything new… is there any prompts/ideas anyone has? 

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Spoon xPP(FW)

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omh hey dude!! i started journaling a few days ago cus i got into book binding ! i have a water tracker,a planner and a SH tracker recently XD ik its small

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THATS SO COOL!! i did book binding once, but it didn’t turn out too awesome ;((( BUT THATS AWESOMR THAT U HAVE PLANNERS & STUFF!! maybe I should put down a water tracker cuz I’m severely dehydrated X(

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omg you should xD its like the only thing that reminds me cus i wanna colour in the thing XDD

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THAT SOUNDS SO FUN!!! i think i’ll do that Thank You for the awesome rec!!! :DDD

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