magical girls

a list of magical girl animes im watching/want to watch

- revolutionary girl utena 
- princess tutu 
- pretty cure delicious party  
- shugo chara 
- mermaid melody 

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RIKA ☆ MOCA's profile picture

OOH OOH I DEF RECOMMEND SMILE PRETTY CURE !!! i luv how emotional the series is itz so great really !!!!

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I’ve been meaning to watch smile pretty cute :DD there’s just soooo many pretty cures it’s hard 2 keep track .. O_o

by VIVI!; ; Report

there r so many !!!! i haven't watched half of the whole franchize yet ;w; but u'll be ok!! just start on wat series u want ☆☆

by RIKA ☆ MOCA; ; Report


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i recommend mermaid melody and powerpuff girls z! if you haven’t already seen them

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Revolutionary Girl Utena is so fucking good!!!

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IT IS!!! i’m on episode 2 and I’m already obsessed

by VIVI!; ; Report


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omgg i love those shows magical girl anime is the best. may i also suggest magical idol animes like waccha primagi, pripara and aikatsu

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SO TRUE I LIVE FOR MAGICAL GIRL ANIMES!!! :DDD and thank you for the recs I’ll tots check those out!!!

by VIVI!; ; Report