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Pre Summer Stats!!! [05/30/2022]

Summer really is here!!

Almost done with school and my exams and I'm already starting to go to parties!!!! 
I need to do a summer bucket list lol but for now here are my pre-summer stats!!!

Name: Oméga
Age: 17
Job: None :(
Tattoos: 3 small stick n poke I did myself
Piercings: 4 lobes
Kiss count: Too much to count
Body count: 2
Status: Taken and he's monogamory
Happiness 7/10
Stress 4/10
Langages I speak: French (N) and English (pretty good I'd say?)
I live in: the south of France
Friend group of: 7
Objective this summer: Have fun, go to parties and start learning how to be a tattoo artist

Hehe I hope everyone will have a nice summer!!!

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