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Glitch or something?

Alright, this is my third time attempting to make this god damn post. 4 times now have I been working on a post, (I always start out with HTML) and then when I hit publish blog, it deletes the whole thing and claims that I can't use 'Java-script'??? Not once have I used js as far as I am aware. I've used the Center, H(1,2,3,4) and the p tag. I believe those are all HTML and even if one of them is why would it delete everything? This is the second time writing this post, the first time I wrote it in the WYSIWYG mode too and it still said I was using 'Java script'? Idk it's just been kind of obnoxious so not sure what I am doin wrong?

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Joseph Daly

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Thank god it finally posted! I think saying JavaScript is what was pissing it off???? Why would saying that think that I am using Javascript?

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You literally wrote javascript and the site said no

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