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Hey All

Welcome! This is my first post on Spacehey

About me

So I am Joe Daly, a mathematics major from Maryland! In an attempt to pick up some new hobbies I started to learn a little bit of coding, a little bit of Python, and HTML if that counts? It's been fun but I haven't stuck to it all that much, outside of that I rock climb, mostly indoor bolder, and have been getting pretty decent, projecting up to V5s and V6s!.

The future!

I honestly don't know what I wish to do with this page. When I made my website I mostly posted math proofs I was doing in my Foundations of Mathematics class but what made it possible was that I could use MathJax. But this website doesn't allow for HTML so it doesn't appear I will be able to do any of those. Perhaps Spacehey could allow for it in the future? Anyway I'm sure I'll find something to post about eventually.


Hope you all choose to keep up with my blog and have a good day

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Forest (Amphibiology)

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Would you be able to copy the math symbols from mathjax/wherever you input the symbols and the paste them into the text box?

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Nah, not as far as I could tell atleast? certain symbols like End statement and such you could def just copy over but doing things like fractions and, oh god I don't remember what it's called but it's like a box thing you use in Vector calc, can't just be copy pasted.

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