Digital sketch of my OCs

These are two of my main OCs, character on the left is Ophelia and character of the right is Lazarus. Lazarus is Ophelias' wifes'(her name's Rufus) nephew. 

(I'm gonna info dump a little about them now :P)

  Ophelia is a werewolf and leader of a small colony..pack(?) of werewolves [[TW:Death]] Lazarus was a child who was hit by a car while running away from home, he was found by Damien ( Rufus's brother) who brought him back to life using a cats body and then Lazarus became a werecat type creature. Ophelia's 30 and Lazarus is around 12-13, I haven't decided an exact age yet...Anyways there's a little context for this picture, I want to show more of the story these Oc's are from on here sometime. B-)

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IDK when I'll finish this but I'll post it when I do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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omg i love your style

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Thank you!

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